What is the difference between an ecologist, an environmentalist and a naturalist? According to the dictionary definition, we can read the differences: 



1. Science that studies the relationships of living things with each other and with the environment in which they live. Also called bionomics.

2. It is also a branch of sociology that studies the relationships between human groups and their physical and social environment. Also called human ecology.

3. The study of the detrimental effects of modern civilization on the environment, with a view toward prevention or reversal through conservation. Also called human ecology.


Person who takes care of ecology, to define and analyze the characteristics of the different populations, its individuals and the factors that determine the grouping in communities. For example Ramon Margalef.



1. Socio-political movement that advocates the protection of nature and harmony between this and progress.

2.The theory that environment rather than heredity is the primary influence on intellectual growth and cultural development.


It applies to the person or group that actively defends environmental conservation. For example Gisele Bundchen.



1. A movement, especially in art and literature, advocating detailed realistic and factual description.

2. The belief that all religious truth is based not on revelation but rather on the study of natural causes and processes.

3. A scientific account of the world in terms of causes and natural forces that rejects all spiritual, supernatural, or teleological explanations.


A person who is expert or interested in botany or zoology, especially in the field. For example Gerald Durrell.



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