Sleeping 22 hours a day


How many hours did you sleep daily?

Under normal conditions, the most part of the society around the world used to sleep less than 10 hours, being the most common between 6 and 8 hours.

But there are around 1000 people worldwide (70% of them are men) that suffers the Kleine-Levin (KLS) or commonly named Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. 

KLS is far from being a romantic fairy tale trait. KLS is a neurological condition that appears during the puberty and stays for a period of 10-15 years. Unfortunately, some times, this condition could be permanent. KLS is revealed by episodes that can last up to five weeks at a time. During this period, a person could sleep up to 22 hours a day.

This is the case of young Beth Goodier from Manchester, a woman on her twenties that has been affected by KLS since her 16 years-old. At the very beginning, when she come home she experienced an exhausted feeling that lead her slept all night on the sofa. When Beth is awake, her senses are diminished but has a extremely sensitive towards light. Moreover, she often stays in a childish state reverting to speaking and acting like a little one.



No one who does not suffer from this condition can understand what does imply for their lives. Failing to have a daily routine, even in the most day-by-day situations, always needing the help of the couple and parents. It is incredible how our brain does it works.


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