Water, the hidden currency

The concept of virtual water is about water that is incorporated in the traded products. This concept was proposed in 1993 by the British geographer John Anthony Allan.

International trade in all kinds of products, involve cross-border flows of virtual water. It is important to discuss the cost of products and services in a different way.

Because of this, not only to think about the water used to produce goods, but also the water needed to recycle or destroy them.

A decade later, in 2002, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Education proposed the concept of Water Footprint as an alternative indicator of water use. Later this concept was refined and accounting methods were applied.

Arjen Hoekstra released in 2008 called manual Water Footprint Network to develop and communicate knowledge about the water footprint concepts, methods and tools.

So much for a coffee? $ 1.5?

To enjoy a cup of coffee it have needed about 130 liters of water.

The Water Footprint is therefore an indicator of water use, which includes both the use of direct and indirect water, throughout the manufacturing and supply, necessary to get a product, for an organization to develop its activity, a country that continues, etc …

In short, is a multidimensional indicator which difference between the volumes of water consumed and volumes of contaminated water.

It is important to think over these concepts, because as announced in the ’90s, the World Bank Vice President, Ismail Serageldin:

If the wars of this century were about oil, the twenty-first century will be about water


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