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The CSIC* and FECYT* published last year the wining photographs of the 13th contest Fotciencia. The major aim of the contest is to bring citizens to Science and Technology under the premise of “an artistic and aesthetic vision”.

The first prize was for the hand of a six-year-old child. After playing she lay the hand over a Petri dish, with PCA medium (Plate count agar). After two days of incubation at 28ºC, several microbiological colonies (yeast and bacteria) has grown. Mainly species of the genre  Bacillus, Micrococcus and Staphylococcus.

The aim of this photo was to demonstrate to Primary school students, and their parents, the importance of washing their hands after playing in the ground, especially before eating.

In the surface of our skin, inhabit several colonies of microorganisms. Most of them keep our skin free from harmful and pathogenic organisms.


*CSIC: The Superior Council for Scientific Research

*FECYT: The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology


Photo details:

Title: ¿Qué esconde la mano de un niño?

Author: Raúl Rivas González. Coauthor: Lorena Celador Lera

Used: Canon PowerShot G12; lente 5X IS; 6,1-30,5 mm



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