Virus & cinema


During the XX and XXI century, cinema has nurtured the scripts of movies with well various topics relating to the field of virology. There are many films about virus (most of them focused on the negative and threatening aspects of viruses). For example:

What’s so bad about feeling good?, 1968 (tropical bird is transported Manhattan. It carries a virus that causes happiness to whom it is infected);

The Andromeda Strain, 1971 (an extraterrestrial virus threatens the continuity of human beings);

The Crazies, 1973 (a virus of military origin madden population);

Outbreak, 1995 (an exotic animal dealer introduced into the United States an infected animal with the Ebola virus);

Twelves Monkeys, 1995 (a virus finishes with 95% of humanity. The survivors are forced to live underground);

28 Days Later, 2002 (chimpanzees have the rabies virus);

The Hades Factor, 2006 (a group of powerful people plan the creation of a devastating virus);

I Am Legend, 2007 (looking for a cure for cancer, a genetically altered virus that deletes the human race is generated);

Contagion, 2011 (talks about a hybrid virus of swine influence and bat).

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 2014. A “virus of the Apes” developed in a laboratory and propagated by several species of primates, wreaks havoc among the human population. The virus is lethal, and causes internal bleeding, such as those suffering the commercial airline pilot, one of the first affected. And in a world so hyper connected by means of transport, the spread is immediate. Years later, the human population has been reduced to small groups of survivors and must negotiate with the primates of advanced intelligence to re-launch a center for supplies of energy.


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