Alphonse Mucha

Mucha was born in 07/24/1860 in Ivancice, where what is now the Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Although he early showed up a great talent for art, especially for drawing he was rejected by Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts. For this reason he moved to Vienna to work as a scene painter in the theatre. After his employer bankrupt he work restoring portraits and murals on Count Carl Khen castle. He also worked in Munich and Paris trying to support himself as a working artist magazine painter, costume and billboard designer in operas and ballets and book illustrator. With the pass of the years he developed interests for esoteric issues as well.

He had a very important role in Art Nouveau movement. The major formal inspiration was the idea of nature as an endless source of design ideas. In fact, its flora and fauna were understood as a voluptuous and asymmetric concept. For example, flowing lines which subvert attempts at static rectangular structures, an inheritance from Moravian folklore. This pompous ornamentation was not merely decorative, the essence of the style was the symbolism message in the pattern established as a visual spiritual metaphor.



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