Antoni Gaudi, nature to architecture

Originality consists in returning to the origin, so original is that which returns to the simplicity of the first solutions.



Although Gaudí transcended the local sphere to become an intrinsic sign of the city of Barcelona, his art was not understood or appreciated by most people in his time.


In his figure apparently opposite qualities joined. He was an artist and craftsman. Also, secular and sacred. A man of the 19th century and a man of the 20th. Was immersed in the modernist movement, but he was an architect who also delved into the Art Nouveau, in their quest to develop new techniques and styles.


His influences were diverse: Orientalism, Neoclassical, Medieval, and Neo-Gothic style. But the most obvious influence on his work comes from nature. In all his works there is a clear tribute to the fauna and natural structures, from trees to sea waves. The most obvious is that there are no straight lines in the organic world and so shaped with a fanciful and ornate style.


His talent and dedication overcame the barrier of time and distance. Several works Have Been Granted World Heritage status by UNESCO.



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