Zombies does exist!

The zombie is a figure of fiction that is fascinating and frightening to humanity in a while. But they have crossed the television screens and the pages of novels. In nature they exist.


The architects of such monstrosities that one day thought and breathed on their own are different species of fungi and vermiform parasites. Let’s take an example of each.

There are several unsegmented flatworms (or fluke) of the genus Leucochloridium that during their development go through different stages (mostly larval) and different types of hosts (water, invertebrates and vertebrates). In the snail, take possession of their central nervous system to induce him to sacrifice for it’s own personal gain. Successful in changing their behavior, making it more exhibitionist for birds, which eat the snails to ingest the parasite also soon be installed in their bodies and will spread through the feces of the bird.

Certain fungi have specialized in different types of parasitic insects (ants, wasps, flies, crickets, grasshoppers …). Act similarly to the worms. For example the species Ophiocordyceps unilateralis takes control of the central nervous system of ants.

So we can say that there are zombies … although these have a small size and go unnoticed.


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