My pear is a Buddha

What is the most characteristic of life?

It is a difficult question to be answered. But we can try it. The first word that appears is adaptation. That implies a natural predisposition to plasticity.

There are two levels where plasticity shows up. One, the most clear is the phenotype, the physical characteristics of organisms. How do you look? blonde hair? brown eyes? Everything is determined by your genetic information organized in genes.

And at this point, came out the second level, the genetic one. The ambient could change the genetic information. Is a reality well-known by the scientist that had been studied the epigenetic factors.

So, the genes and the organs can experiment a certain grade of adaptation through the inherent plasticity of their own nature.

For example, the plasticity of the fruits. A fruit is nothing more that a fertilized flower, that grows and mature into a structure that will carry out the seeds for the next generation.

In the light of this argument, we can turn a pear into a little peaceful Buddha using a plastic moulder.

Some thoughts would be extrapolate from this reality:

We are what we eat.

We are gardeners of our lives, and why not? in other terms, gardeners of our offspring.


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