Tyron, did you say Blackwater? No, I said Dead water

Today is the fifth season premiere of the well-known series Game of Thrones. And my mind has made a connexion. Do you remember the battle of the Blackwater for gain control over King’s Landing and the Iron Throne?, with all of this Valyrian green fire burning above the river waters? There is an ecological concept that sounds very like Blackwater, is Dead Water.

In fact, Dead Water sounds like a place in Westeros but it is a concept made up by the oceanographer V. W. Ekman in 1904.

Is the nautical term for a natural phenomenon that occurs when two layers of water with different nature overlap one above the other. For example, the most common interaction is between a fresh water or brackish water layer rests on a denser salty water. This two layers does not mix and generate internal waves which result is the difficult maneuver for ships. In the depths, this layers shake and disturb the path of submarines as well.

The Norwegian Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen described this phenomenon for first time in 1893 when he commanded his ship Fram through the Nordenskiöld Archipelago.




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