Mare Nostrum


It has always been the scene of conquest, trade, shipwrecks and expeditions. Today the Mediterranean sea is one of the favorite destinations, worldwide, for travelers and tourists. Lucky are those who live on its shores for its pleasant climate, its beautiful natural surroundings and the variety of its healthy foods.

In other way, is one of the largest marginal seas in the world (4,000 km) but reduced width (700 km). The water is distributed in two basins with a very different characteristics and dynamics, the East and West, subdivided but connected by the Strait of Sicily. It has an average of 2,000 km deepness with largest 5,000 km in the Ionian basin. Currently connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Mediterranean began to form 180 million years, coinciding with the opening of the Atlantic ocean. At that time, between Africa and Europe had a great gulf open to the east, the ancient Tethys Sea, which was closed as the two plates collided. Several changes took place and over time the Mediterranean was connected and isolated from the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. It is believed that just when it was connected at its eastern end with the Indian Ocean, Poseidonia communities ventured into the Mediterranean.

But one of the most striking facts occurred around 6 million years is so-called Messinian salinity crisis. Because the Mediterranean basin was isolated from the oceans, and not exchanging water with them, evaporating more water from entering. He ended up dry. This allowed the fauna of the Iberian peninsula, mainland fauna, come by his own foot on the Balearic islands. After the water level was restored again, became isolated and evolved than the rest of the mainland species. Thus, the artiodactyls Myotragus balearicus was smaller than the respective mainland by different effects of insularity. The large salt deposits buried under sediment, and the presence of propels and oil are evidence of this event.


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