Santiago Ramon y Cajal, more than a histologist

160 years ago was born in Navarre, the renowned physician and histologist. Was a member of the “Generation of 80” or “Generation of Elders.” Globally known for his academical chair in Valencia (1883), Barcelona (1887) and Madrid (1892) or by his Nobel Prize shared with the Italian physician Camillo Golgi (1906) for his discovery about the mechanisms that govern the morphology and processes of the connective nerve cells in the gray matter of the cerebrospinal nervous system.

This theory was accepted in 1889 at the Congress of the German Anatomical Society and knew as “neuron doctrine” which explained the way transmission of nerve impulses.

But he was interested in other controversial issues how metaphysic, hypnosis, the study of mediums, dreams , spiritualism, ESP phenomena as telepathy, premonition, philosophical issues, mental power and the power of suggestion in curing disease, collected in his unfinished work “Alone with the mystery.” The most part of their manuscripts were lost during the war years.

Also, he pioneered color photography, its application to etching of three-dimensional photography, journalism scientific disclosure (under the pseudonym of Doctor Bacteria), the invention of the phonograph while Edison and pioneer scientific novel.



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