The island that arose from sea

The Makran coast is about 700 km featured by high seismic activity. On Tuesday 09.24.2013 an earthquake with a 7,8 magnitude shook Balochistan. As a result, at least 45 people die and a new island emerged from the sea near Gwadar coastline in the Arabian Sea. It is the fourth in this region since 1945, and the third during last 15 years.

Seismologists believe the island is a “mud volcano”. So many islands appears and then vanish, as one originated in 1968 that only stayed for one year.

It is surprising the distance between epicenter of the quake and the place of island. Specialists are trying to find out if the island is relational or not with the earthquake. There are mud volcanoes in Yellowstone that have not been triggered by earthquakes.

Six days later, the island is releasing gas. Experts of National Institute of Oceanography state that the energy originated by the seismic episode compressed inflammable gases of the seabed, under sediment bed, such as methane.



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