Enhance your memory

It is usual to think that it is difficult to memorize. But this is not true but while we are young is easier. How many pokemons could a child remember? 50, 200, 719? And even more, the children can remember their evolutionary stages. The point is to make the study process, visual and didactic.


If you want a healthy body you must train your muscles. So, if you want a powered brain you must train your memory and other synaptic process.


All living creatures have one or more common name, and a scientific name. Common names varies depending the place or country but the scientific names are always the same.

Moreover, this names have a “name” and a “surname”. Indeed, scientific names are binomial, two latin words. Usually this words mean a characteristic or a researcher that have studied the specie.

This system was created by the swedish naturalist Carl Von Linne (1707-1778). Also he is the father of the taxonomy.


He wanted to classify all the living creatures into a “living tree” until reach the common ancestor of live, the LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) organism.



Almost nine million of organisms are named according to the United Nations Environmental Programs. Copy nine million requires a lot of training, but a few hundreds is possible to be copied.


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