Scientific Dialogues in Lindau

The first July week about 600 young scientist can meet with 37 Nobel Prize Laureates.

Since 1901, every year the Nobel Prize has been awarded to those scientist according the will of Alfred Nobel “conferred the greatest benefit to humanity”. This prize (a medal, a diploma and a cash award) is international recognized and given by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is the 64th meet. In this days the young scientist, of almost 80 countries and who have passed a selection process, can share with Nobel Laureates knowledge, set up new contacts and discuss about important topics such as ethics, cancer, helicobacter bacteria or innate immunity. For the first time the percentage of female participants is higher than the male’s (52%).

Who knows? Maybe with this fresh dialogues new investigation lines could be established and maybe, someone of the participants could be in the future, a Nobel Laureate.








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