Kids’ whim: Pony or Elephant?


Many children, regardless of their nationality, might have wanted a pony as a pet. This equine species are small, up to a meter and a half, as a saddle of the tiny rulers of the roost.

If pygmy elephant still exist,  it would be a tough competitor for the pony. Elephas falconeri, better known as the Sicilian pygmy elephant, measured three feet high. He lived in Malta and southern Italy or Greece, 30,000 years ago.

There are several dwarf species of these Proboscidea, which arose by allopatric speciation. This type of speciation occurs when different populations of the same species are isolated from each other by a geographical barrier or any force major event. Each of the populations evolve differently. The elephants had not any natural predators in the islands. They escape from the pressure of being eaten.

With the pass of time, the genetic exchanges between different individuals of both populations become impossible. Another fossils species were found in Indonesia and North America.

In addition, species that had develop on the islands evolved descendants of larger or smaller size, respect their continental counterparts. For these elephants, body size was substantially less in comparison with the congeners that inhabiting the continent.

Perhaps it they were not been extinguished, today would be the claim and the best friend of children. Who knows if even decisive figures in the history of mankind had begun to ride them in its infancy. Who imagines Hannibal, the Carthaginian military commander who crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps, riding on the back of a pygmy  elephant in his childhood?



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