Photography for the soul

In an increasingly globalized world, one’s identity is weakening towards an unique identity.

In a world so connected often the true approach is missed.

In a world so bombarded by advertising and content of short durability and fast consumption, it looks like something made with patience and feeling no longer stays.

And when someone resume so much in so simple, this is call to last.

If there is a photograph that not only portrays the nature but also knows how to transmit a kind of philosophy, a pixel condensed one, that rise up a sentiment in the heart of who has a minute of their time to observe with the detail they deserve. Something magical happens.

The photographs can evoke feelings, memories, and wishes. For imaginative and dreamy people also offered a platform on which to weave stories and imaginations.

I’m talking about the photographer Gregory Colbert, who with a very own style, approach to us in a poetic and calm way a  gentle nature, and its relationship with humankind.

An invitation to switch off for a few moments of our reality and if the observer wants, try to reconnect to virtual and imaginative way with nature. Urbanites are orphans of nature. They live in a cement and smoke uprooting life. And this eventually modulates the character and the way we perceive and face life.

And the reflection is served. If you’re one of those people who enjoy letting out their thoughts into the sound of the sea, or if you are one of those who brings out the best simply admiring the immensity of fields and mountains, you will understand exactly what is said, and what is between the lines, in this post.

Knowledge is important but human values, ethics and philosophy must be essential, moreover nowadays that everything is diluted in a hologram of rapid consumption.

These pictures are the pretext for:

Reconnect with the essence of yourself and with nature.

Expand your consciousness.

Be tolerant with Others and with your own mistakes .

Be positive, no matter what happens in your own way, is always a way .


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