Dead by PSP


or dead by Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning.

The causal agent is the algae blooms, the massive proliferation (up to hundreds of millions of cells per liter) of microscopical sea algae producing red tires . This organisms produce a harmful substances

Less than 100 species of the 3.000-4.000 oceanic species produces toxic substances for human beings.

For example, marine dinoflagellates  Alexandrium sp and  Gymnodinium sp synthesize saxitoxin and gonyautoxin; substances responsables for PSP disease.

Another common diseases is DSP, diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, caused by the ocadaic acid produced by Dinophysis sp and benthic species of the genre Prorocentrum.

Something similar happens with world-wide (including the Mediterranean sea) ASP disease, amnesic shellfish poisoning. The diatoms of genus Pseudonitzschia produce domoic acid.

It is interesting to remember that often the threat cames from the little ones instead the “frightening” big creatures.


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