When a deer met a mouse

appeared the Pilandok or Tragulus nigricans- Thomas, 1892 (in Philippine).  Is a nocturnal specie of a mammal artiodactyl.


The Pilandok has a length of 40-50 cm and a shoulder height of 18 cm. Has a dark-brown color with three bands of color. As a curiosity, the canine teeth is enlarged as a little tusks. Has been estimated to live about fourteen years.

The Pilandok dwell in the Philippine islands of Balabac, Bugsuc and Ramos and tropical Asian zones. They live in lowland forest and shrubland, mangroves with a preference for open areas to forage.


It is a specie seriously threaded due to the decline of the quality (today exist a conversion of habitats into coconuts plantations or similar agriculture crops) and extension (less than 5,ooo km2) of its habitat. Another factors is the furtive hunting according to be sell as a pet.


This animal is very popular in Asia. For example, the cartoons of Pilandok, available on YouTube:








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