Io, Leonardo


Leonardo Da Vinci is considered a genius, the model of the Renaissance man. He admired both nature and animals, that based their diet on vegetarianism. Even bought birds to release them.

Demonstrated a talent in multiple disciplines left, as seemingly diverse as music, sculpture, painting, architecture, anatomy, botany, physics, chemistry, alchemy, poetry, philosophy, humanities …

Preserved some 13,000 pages of texts and scientific drawings, in mirror writing. A testament to their efforts to see and describe the world around him.

Surprised to learn who defined himself as an “illiterate”, self-taught and lucid observer. Latin lacked base (self-taught learned) and mathematics. Thus, scientists of his time did not pay enough attention and not enough recognition.

He developed several inventions, way ahead of his time: screw air (helicopter), the tank, the submarine, hydraulic pumps, crank mechanisms, automata, calculator, diving helmet, the double hull boat, and car including, but few fully developed.

An example of his talent is reflected in an anecdote in 1502. Leonardo designed a 240 m bridge to cross the Golden Horn (Istanbul). But the Ottoman sultan did not support the project. Finally, more than 500 years later, on May 17, 2006, the Turkish government built the bridge that Leonardo designed.



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