Antelope Canyon

There are breathtaking, beautiful, enigmatic, alluring, in resume unique, places in the world.

One of them is Antelope slot canyon in the American Southwest Arizona, US. It is conformed by two independent slot canyon sections The Crack (or Upper Antelope Canyon) and the Corkscrew (or Lower Antelope Canyon).

The region has an old Navajo tradition. In fact, in the Navajo language, the Upper Canyon is called Tsé bighánílíní, wich means “the place where water runs through rocks”, and the Lower is “Hazdistazí” or “spiral rock arches”.

Antelope Canyon was formed through erosion on the sandstone. When is monsoon season, the water runs into the basin above the canyon gaining rush into the narrow passageways. Flooding still occurs. The last was on October 30, 2006 and was so intense that the park remained close for five months.

Antelope Canyon, EE.UU.



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