MetaEcology: Biosphere on Mars?

Although the Red planet does not harbor a biosphere with diverse and complex ecosystems like planet Earth that could change not far from now. If so, one day the ecological principles and dynamics of Mars would be studied and taught in the school textbooks.

Indeed, it was in 2010 when U.S. President Barack Obama proposed to replace the lunar program for a manned mission to Mars and speculated to step on its surface in 2035. To reach these objective, NASA is developing a rocket called Space Launch System (SLS) and a crew capsule named Orion.

Nevertheless to colonize this planet, the first phase would need adapting the environment to house the life forms present in our blue planet. Scientists proposed injecting greenhouse gases such as methane, to block sunlight and thus increase the temperature to above the melting ice on all surfaces. This will thaw the permafrost subsoil and fill river basins forming oceans and lakes. Subsequently, would be introduced algae genetically modified to transform the carbon dioxide in oxygen (to originate a protective atmosphere) and get fertile soil.

Can you imagine to fly to Mars to visit your grandchildren? Can you imagine that work or study abroad included a new class named “other planet”?

Are you so adventurer as to start from scratch on the recovered red planet?

Or in a more pessimistic future; can you imagine to travel to Mars as a lifesaving option for people with resources when planet Earth were to collapse?



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