The future is here. Right now, in a laboratory of United States, a group of the bioengineers from the University of Illinois, are celebrating his efforts because they had developed microscopic sperm shaped robots self-propelled.


These spermbots are microscopic machines hybrid with living cells and flexible polymer capable to fertilize an ovule.


The intended uses are deliver drugs with high precision or combat cancer disease inside the body directly to the single ill cells.

The imagination is powerful. What about to overcome limits? Will this achievement allow us to find a cure diseases as cancer, AIDS or of Alzheimer?

Will this achievement direct impact on the continuation of our species as we know it?

Can we ensue individuality of species or generate chimeras? We can breed with other entities that are not even alive today? And with technological beings?

Are we ahead of the next evolutionary step? And it will go in detriment or in benefit? Only time and ethics have the answer.

Captura de pantalla 2014-03-03 a la(s) 11.58.02

Read quietly or there will be trouble!


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